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What We Provide

We provide exceptional scientific and technical writing resources for the vaccine, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. Our range of services include: development of original written materials, critical editing and proofreading, fact-checking, and reference annotation.



Our Deliverables


We provide you with concise and scientifically accurate files that will satisfy your unique requirements. Your files will be "fact-checked" and you will be provided with annotated references in preparation for a medical, legal, and regulatory committee review. We abide by your document preparation specifications and will meet your timelines.   

Our Team


We are staffed by PhD-level scientists skilled in written communication. Our technical backgrounds, coupled with an understanding of current advances in science and medicine, translate into well-written documents. Our team will begin collaborating with you at any stage in the development of your piece—from creating an original piece to completing an in-process piece.

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(908) 713-4887

Scientific Writing Services, Inc.

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